The Ayios Kirikos Archaeological Collection contains finds from the districts of Anemotafia, Mavrikato, Kamari Fournon, Fyri Aspa, Evdilos, Drakano, Katafygi, Spilaio Chrisostomou, Monokampi and other places.

In the Collection are exhibited figurines of animals, mythical beings (hermaphrodites), stamped tiles and amphora handles, a large collection of whole pointed-base amphoras from shipwrecks, glass perfume flasks, tools, toilet articles, weapons, coins, clay and bronze vessels and other finds.

The most important exhibit in the Collection is the "Refuge Relief", a grave relief of the Archaic / early Classical period and the work of a great Parian sculptor. The relief depicts the farewell to the dead person by his family and is distinctive for its light island style and the rich folds of the garments.
Maria Viglaki