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Costas Volonakis, "Sailing ships", oils
The art collection of the National Bank began to formed from the time the bank itself was founded in 1841. This collection is considered to be of a museological nature, par excellence, since it includes approximately 1,300 original works by leading 19th and 20th century artists in the fields of painting, sculpture and engraving.

The core of the collection consists of works by the finest of the Munich School, Nikiphoros Lytras, K. Volonakis, N. Ghyzis and others, as well as works of leading sculptors such as I. Kossos, the Fytalas brothers and of their immediate followers M. Tombros, Th. Apartis and others.

This important collection was enriched by works by the precursors of the generation of the 30's, such as Costas Parthenis, K. Maleas and others, by representatives of that generation: A. Asteriadis, N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Sp. Papaloukas, Yiannis Tsarouchis, Spyros Vassiliou, N. Nikolaou, G. Moralis, N. Engonopoulos, G. Zongolopoulos, Memos Makris, Y. Pappas and those who immediately followed them. There are also works by artists belonging to the generation between the two World Wars and the wartime generation.