The Petrified Forest Hall
The Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos is situated in Sigri in the extreme west of the island. It is a contemporary 21st century museum that provides visitors with information and a wide range of top quality services. The Museum has the most complete collection of fossilized plants in Greece and now, for the first time, offers a complete presentation of all the unique fossils brought to light by the on going excavations in Western Lesvos. The Museum also gives information on the geological processes that led to the creation of the Petrified Forest and the formation of the broader area of Greece.

One of the main features of the Museum is that it is very user friendly. The Museum?s premises cover a total area of 1.597m2. The design of the Museum is based on contemporary concepts of how to present findings and information to different target groups, with the aim of creating an environment which is welcoming and friendly for visitors, students and members of the scientific community.

An essential part of the Museum's operation is its informational, educational and geotourist activities, the variety of temporary exhibitions and events it hosts, its user-friendliness and its opening hours, which have been adapted to suit the needs of the public. The building?s main entrance opens into the spacious foyer, which connects with the main operation areas, the audiovisual rooms, the permanent exhibitions, the Petrified Forest Hall and the Aegean Hall. The central atrium has been decorated with fossilized plant trunks and their modern counterparts, giving visitors and image of the vegetation which flourished in the Aegean 20 million years ago.