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The museum's facade
The Archaeological Museum of Karystos is housed in the west wing of the Giokaleion Cultural Foundation, a bequest of the benefactor Nikolaos Giokalas. It was built in 1959 at the Maximilianos Square in Karystos and includes the Archaeological Museum (since 1988), the theatre, and a library. The Ephorate of Antiquities organizes guided visits to the museum, while the theatre and library are under the auspices of the Municipality of Karystos. The west wing of the building was given to the Ministry of Culture in 1980, as stated in N. Giokalas' will, in order to house the museum. The 11th Ephorate of Antiquities undertook the task of the preparation of the exhibition, which was opened to the public in 1989.

The collections include:

Sculpture from the area of Karystos (Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman)

Finds from the Dragon Houses (Oche, Styra)

Inscriptions from Karystia

Clay statuettes from various sites in Karystia