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Hammered set in 22K gold, from the "Palaeolithic-Neolithic Jewelry" (1969)
The permanent exhibition displays 3000 pieces of jewelry and micro-sculpture from 45 collections designed by Lalaounis in the period 1940-1992. They include jewelry inspired by prehistoric art, Bronze Age Greece, Greek jewelry from the Classical and the Hellenistic periods, Byzantium, the art of Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Far East, as well as creations marking developments in technology and science, from breakthroughs in biology to space travel.

The exhibition is documented by trilingual labels in Greek, English, and French. Guided tours are also given in German and Italian. A variety of videos in Greek, English, and French are available for show at all times in a specially provided Projection Room. Actual jewelry craftsmen may be seen at work in the Museum's Model Workshop. There is a Cafe and restaurant on the ground floor, and a roof garden with a view to the South side of the Parthenon. Souvenirs, books, and jewelry can be found at the Museum Shop.
I. Toumasatos