The museum owns a collection of icons and a collection of codices.

Some of the most important exhibits are:

- St John the Theologian, around 1500. Portable icon of the Cretan School,

- The Last Judgement. Work of Emmanuel Skordiles. 17th century,

- Portable icon of the Cretan School,

- Manuscript on a parchment roll with the mass of St Basil, written on both sides. In fragments,

- The Tree of Jesse. Portable icon, 1853,

- The Story of Beauteaus Joseph. Portable icon, 1858,

- The Hospitality of Abraham. Portable icon, 1855,

- The Descent into Hades. Portable icon, 1855,

- Zoodochos Pege (Fountain of Life), 17th century icon. Possibly a work of the important painter priest Emmanuel Skordiles of Chania,

- Christ King of Glory,

- St John the Precursor and scenes of his life. A templum icon, 1846.