The collections comprise collections of icons of the Cretan School.

The most important exhibits of the Monastery are:

- St Symeon Theodochos, end of 16th century,

- St Phanourios, 1688 by the hand of John priest of Kolyva,

- St Paraskeve, 17 th century,

- Virgin Immaculate, 1780, by the hand of Victor,

- Prophet Elias with scenes of his life. By the hand of Georgios Kydoniates, 1752,

- Crucifixion, painted by Georgios Kastrophylax, 1752,

- St Titus and scenes from the life of the 10 Martyrs, painted by Ioannis Kornaros, 1773,

- St Charalampos and the martyrdom of the Saint, painted by Ioannis Kornaros, 1773,

- The Lament, 1753,

- St John the Precursor, 17 th century.

The exhibition of icons is housed in the church' s area.