There are the following collections of the Preveli Monastery:

- Collection of icons,

- Collection of ecclesiastical garments,

- Collection of ecclesiastical vessels,

- Collection of heirlooms.

The most important exhibits of the Museum are:

- Sigillium on a parchment declaring the monastery as stauropegion, 1798,

- Gold - plated silver cross with enamels and semi - precious stones 1708,

- Silver bound Evangile, 1807,

- Evangile with gold - plated silver cover, 1847,

- Lectionnary with silver cover, 19th century,

- Gold - plated chalice with cover, 1847,

- Collection of metal seals, 19th century,

- Collection of metal fibulae, 19th century,

- Collection of gold - embroidered vestments, 19th century,

- Collection of ecclesiastical liturgical vessels.