The museum houses about 7.000 findings, coming mostly from recent excavations in Arcadia. It is administrative centre of the archaeological services of the prefecture and it also has a cultural and educational role.

The museum contains the following collections:

- Prehistoric collections (Neolithic-Mycenaean),

- Findings from the Mycenaean cemetery of Palaiokastro Gortynias,

- Vases of Geometric and Archaic date from Mantineia and Megalopoli,

- Vases of Hellenistic and Roman date from Kynouria and Megalopoli,

- Sculptures of Archaic and Classical date from Asea and Mantineia,

- Sculptures of Hellenistic and Roman date from Eva Kynourias, Mantineia and Tegea,

- Classical - Hellenistic (Pottery - Figurines - Glass): 5th-2nd century BC,

- Classical - Hellenistic (Metal objects - tomb types - child toys): 5th - 2nd century BC,

- Inscriptions of Classical and Roman date from various sites in Arcadia,

- Various categories of votive offerings from sanctuaries in Arcadia,

- Bronze vessels and weapons of classical, Hellenistic and Roman date from Megalopolis and Arcadic Orchomenos.