The mansion of Ahmet Kapantzi was built in 1983 on a seaside field of one acre. It consists of the main building and the tower, that are connected to each other. The formation symmetry of the internal spaces is particularly significant as are also the facets of eclectic style and the richness of the architectural decoration, the roof-paintings, the wood-cuts, etc.

It was built by Ahmet Kapantzis and later on served as a residence for various personalities, such as Germ. Nikolaou, El. Venizelos, Daglis, Kountouriotis, etc. Finally, it passed to the assets of the National Bank of Greece and until 1970 it was housing the 5th and 8th High School for boys of Thessaloniki. Today it is housing the Thessaloniki's National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation and many exhibitions and cultural events are organised.