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The Environment Museum of Stymphalia
The Environment Museum of Stymphalia was created by PIOP, which is also responsible for its continued functioning over the next 50 years. It is housed in a building that was specifically designed to serve the museum's goals, on land ceded by the Municipality of Stymphalia and the Hellenic Forestry Department. The project was included in the 20002006 Regional Operational Programme of the Peloponnese and was funded through the Third Community Support Framework, with the contribution of the Piraeus Bank.

The Museum's premises were built on the slopes of one of the verdant hills that surround the lake. The building belongs to the Municipality of Stymphalia, the basic element of its design being the lake itself, to which it affords an uninhibited view. The building stands out in the sloping terrain, boldly declaring its presence as a welcoming point for the visitor. Its construction was carried out with natural materials, while its design takes advantage of the local climate's positive elements, such as the fresh breezes for its natural cooling and solar power during the winter months. For these reasons, the building was awarded a special mention in the Hellenic Institute of Architecture's 2008 Architecture Awards and was included in the publication The Phaedon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture.
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