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Plan of the Museum
The museum was inaugurated by E. Pentazos, Ephor of Antiquities, and Chr. Kamperakis, mayor of Amfissa. Its purpose was to house the archaeological finds from the Prefecture of Phocis and to become a centre for the understanding of local history, which until then was limited to Delphi. The museum building was ceded by the City of Amfissa to the Ministry of Culture in 1987 and was subsequently conserved, restored and refurbished. The museological study was completed by 1996 when all of the exhibits were conserved and several were transferred from the storerooms of the Delphi Museum. Drosos Kravartogiannos, an Amphissa pharmacist and lover of antiquities, donated his the coin collection and this provided the opportunity for an educational exhibition on the history of numismatics and exchange from antiquity to our day. The museum opened on May 18, 2002.
A. Tsaroucha, archaeologist