Permanent exhibitions  
Sculpture Permanent Exhibition
The National Glyptotheque is housed in one of the two renovated historic buildings of the 1900s, which are located in the Army Park in Goudi and used to be the royal stables. One of the two buildings presents the permanent collection of Modern Greek sculpture, including artworks of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the surrounding park area, of seven acres, you can enjoy an open-air sculpture museum.
Painting Permanent Exhibition
At the National Gallery, housed in one of the two buildings of the renovated old royal stables in the Army Park, Goudi, the "New
Presentation of Permanent Greek Painting Collections" is hosted from December 2013, until the new main building of the museum is inaugurated. This presentation is a summary of the exhibition of permanent collections as they were exhibited in the old building, and it includes about 120 artworks. It begins from the early years of Greek Independence and extends to the ...