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Byzantium and the Others in the First Millennium: An Empire of stability in a turbulent era
The exhibition of the Byzantine and Christian Museum emphasizes the role of the Byzantine Empire, between 300-1000 AD, as a pole of stability in a period of great uncertainties and conflicts (upheavals and reversals) in the European world as well as in the broader Mediterranean area. Through six thematic sections: “Transition”, “Worship”, “Intellectual Life”, “Warfare in the Western and Eastern Roman Empire” “Secular Life” and “Trade”, exhibition visitors will experience how people lived in the first ...
“The wild flowers of Varlamos”
The exhibition “The wild flowers of Varlamos”, organised by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, presents the works of the painter-engraver Giorgos Varlamos around wild flowers.
The exhibition includes 120 works (oils, watercolors, drawings, engravings) and is structured in three sections: “Wild Flowers”, “Meteora” and a third section with drawings and engravings from the period of the Dictatorship in Greece. Along with Varlamos' artistic work, the exhibition presents a small ...