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General view of the restorated monument at Petroporo
A tomb of great significance lies in the village of Petroporos, about 14 klm to the east of the city of Trikala and within the location hosting major part of an Ancient Pelinnaion cemetery. It dates to the Hellenistic era and its shape recalls the so called ?Macedonian? tombs of that period.

The single-chambered vaulted tomb built with poros stone blocks lies under a tumulus. Its dromos (entrance passageway) was covered by re-used limestone beams. All internal surfaces of the masonry, as well as the floorings of the dromos and the funerary chamber are coated with rose-coloured mortar. The entire tholos (vault) has collapsed. At the southwest end of the funerary chamber was found a marble cylindrical burial urn containing the ashes of the defunct.

The tomb had already been plundered when it was found in the early twentieth century by the then Ephor of Antiquities Apostolos Arvanitopoulos; subsequently, it was reburied under the earthen tumulus. In 2000, the fifteenth Ephorate for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities conducted another excavation at the monument.
34th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities