The cave dolini is situated on the North-East of Elikonas hillside, of 820 metres approximately altitude, on the west of Agia Triada village. The entrance of the cave is situated on the North slope of the depression. On the West slope of the depression there are riches for "bas-reliefs" and obviously the worship was taken place outside. The cave consists of a main room of 8x10 metres. On the North-West a narrow and relatevely low corridor is opened . The walls of the main room are almost vertical and have not lithomatic decoration. On the roof there is, at a 15 m. open heighth, a whole from which the room is illuminated.

Pausanias and Stravon mention the cave. The first survey took place in 1985. From the archaeological discoveries arise that the cave has been used as a sanctuary, dedicated to the Nimphes. On the Eastern edge of the entrance there is engraving inscription, "Koronia Nymphe".

The excavation of the cave started in 1989 by the archaeologist V. Vassilopoulou and is still going on. The discoveries show that the worship in the cave started in the Archaic period and continued during the Roman period. The cave was used during the prehistoric period. The discoveries are offerings, terracotas, vases, little finds.

The cave has been used as an occassional stable until 1989, when the excavations started.