The sites were previously unknown and came into light after the excavations that conducted by the director of the Ephorate, Dr. Th. Spyropoulos. During the 1980s four metallurgic kilns were revealed at the area of Steno. They have been dated to prehistoric (1700 B. C.) but also to late Roman period (400 A. D), on the basis of the archaeological evidence and the results of the method of archaeomagnetism. The late Roman dating probably indicates that the kilns were later used in order to remelt the old metal waste. The big kiln and various other installations for the refinement of metals on the site of "Agiorgitika" were used for melting and improving copper ores which were extracted from the area. They are dated to the Early and Middle Helladic period.

The various installations used for metallurgic activities on the sites of "Steno" and "Agiorgitika" were uncovered during the 1980s and they are still being excavated by Dr. Th. Spyropoulos.