This is a typical examble of the Pelion architecture. It is a three-storie-building of a plan forming the greek letter "". Its walls are made of stone, its wooden roof is covered with schist slobs, the doors and windows are small in dimention, wooden and covered with iron bars. On the ground floor there were storage and auxiliary rooms, on the first floor there were the rooms of winter residence and on the second floor the rooms of the summer residence. There are remarkable decorative elements preserved in a perfect condition, such as false windows over the windows of the first floor, wooden ceilings, a small tower with embrasures etc.

It was built in 1844.

In 1977 some works of repairing and supporting took place in the building. The entire reconstruction of the Noble House was done between the years of 1988 and 1994.

In 1985 it was characterized as a Work of Art and Historical Preserved Monument.

The Noble House is functionning as the Folks Museum of Makrinitsa with a full collection of folk objects coming from the area.