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Plan of the temple of Zeus at Stratos
The temple stands on the top of a fortified hill at the northwest end of the city. It was dedicated to Zeus Stratios and was hexastyle, built in the Doric order, with Corinthian columns in the cella. Except for this combination of architectural orders, the monument presents several more structural and planning innovations.

The construction of the temple began in 321 B.C. but it was never finished, probably due to fights against the Aetolians.

It was studied by P. Heuzey in the middle of the previous century and by An. Orlandos at the beginning of our century. It was excavated and published (1924) by the French School of Archaeology.

The temple is located in the archaeological site of Stratos, the capital of the Acarnanians, where excavations are still in progress.
Dr. Olympia Vikatou, archaeologist - Director of 36th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities