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Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa
The chapel is located near the village of Zemata in the area of Thanos (about 4 km from Myrina). Remnant of one of the numerous monasteries on the island, it is known from 1305, a year in which it become part of the monastery of Agia Lavra, when some monks from the island of Ag. Eustratios who belonged to the monastery settled in the chapel in order to protect themselves from the Turkish raids. It is located at a spectacular position in a hardly-reached cave, on the top of a hill among impressive rocks, a location in which in Byzantine years there was probably an Early-Christian church and hermits.

On the first Tuesday after Easter there is a service at the chapel. On that day the icon of the Virgin (Panagia) Kakaviotissa -which for the rest of the year is kept by a family at Kontia- is brought at the chapel. According to tradition, the members of this family are the descendants of a laborer to whom the last monk gave the icon in question.
Athena - Christina Loupou, Archaeologist