The Thermai Sylla Hotel, built in 1896, is the most impressive hotel building for that period and the first that meets the eye of a visitor arriving to Aidipsos' Loutra (Spas).

It is a three-storied building with a basement containing spa-therapy installations and a chamber on the upper floor. Exploiting the angle position of the terrain, the building's formation raises up to a corner tower that dominates the whole structure and strongly sets the edifice off. The symmetric openings constitute one more element of the building?s morphological makeup. Inside, there is a central entrance area that spreads up to main corridors for every wing with rooms on every side.

Between 1910 and 1912, the first extended renovation took place. Recently (1995) the Ministry of Culture approved a renovation study that is going to transform the building into a five star hotel with a spa-therapy center. (study conducted by the architect D. Stasinopoulos).

By a ministerial decree of 1988, the building was identified as a historical and preserved monument.