Perivoli is one of the most significant buildings in Kambos. The main building is two-stories high, pile-roofed with a rectangular ground plan, constructed exclusively of stone from the area of Thimiana in Chios. The outside stairways leading to the upper floor is a real work of art with its elaborate sculpted columns and the stone handrail. The magnificent eclectic-style yard-gate is also an element of exceptional interest. In the pebble-paved yard one can find a well and a cistern. There is also an auxiliary edifice inside the estate.

The mansion, like all Kambos buildings, was constructed after the 1881 earthquake on top of the old one.

By a ministerial decree of 1990, the main building, the reservoir, the well, the fountain the pebble-paved yard and the wall surrounding the estate together with Odysseus Xydas' orchard inside the protection zone, were all identified as historical and preserved monuments.