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The church in Sisani was built in 11th c. and was considered as a cathedral like those in Veria, Seres, Servia etc. It's a three-aisled basilica, probably with a dome, narthex and exonarthex. The sanctuary ends in a five-side apse, while the Prothesis and Diakonicon in a three-side one.

Some wall paintings and the glazed pottery which was found in the excavation in the church prove that it was built in 11th -12th c. In the middle of the 13th c. it was probably destroyed by an earthquake. It was restored as a cross-in-square type. New wall paintings were depicted and covered the nave and the narthex. In the end of 14th c., the church was abandoned because of the Turkish conquest in Western Macedonia.

The nave of the church remains unknown, but it must be dedicated to the Virgin according to a donor's scene which is depicted in the south column in the sanctuary.