The government building today, Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace
The Government House was built in 1891, and was designed by the well-known architect of that time, Vitaliano Poselli, who designed many other public, religious and private buildings in Thessaloniki.

In 1907 the Ottoman Law School took over the building, and in 1911 Sultan Mehmet V stayed there, on the occasion of his state visit to Thessaloniki. After 1912 its rooms began to be used by the General Administration services. A few years later, in 1917, it was saved from the great fire that burned down most of the historical center of Thessaloniki. In the reorganization that followed the fire, the square of the same name was made to the south, which sowed the building off to impressive advantage. In 1954, when it was decided that all the General Administration departments were to be under the same roof, it was restored and another story was added. Work was completed in 1955, leaving it looking as it does today. Now, the Government Building houses the General Secretariat of Macedonia and Thrace.
Zygomalas Dimitrios