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The path to the church of the Dormition of the Virgin or the Saviour's Transfiguration in Potami (River), Karlovasi
The church, also known as "Panagia Potamou" or "Agia Sotiro", is the most important and well preserved byzantine monument in Samos. It is a cross-in-square church of the simple four columned type. The marble columns that support the dome, as well as their Corinthian capitals, probably come from ancient or Early Christian monuments of the site. The narthex that was adjusted to the west side of the church today is in ruins. The influence of the architecture of Constantinople is evident on the exterior walls (blind arches, cloisonne masonry). The church was in the past dated to the Late Byzantine period, but recent studies suggest an earlier dating in the 11th c. Its present form is the result of several modifications that were made during the following centuries.
Evangelia Mavrikou