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Castle on a hillock 42 metre high close to the village of Lardos. A higher hill close by probably compromised the security of the castle. The caste covers an area of 1,030 square metres and has an elongated plan with one gate two square towers. The east tower is in ruins, and remnants of structures can still be seen within the walls. This may well has served merely as an observation post of the roads leading to Yennadi further south. Lardos belonged to the castellany of Lindos; thus, its inhabitants were directed (1474 and 1479) to seek refuge at Lindos in case of danger. The casale of Lardos owed no service to the Order of St. John away from their village; thy were only subject to corvee duties in the construction of roads, bridges and fortifications. In Hospitaller times a number of notables were associated with the village of Lardos, but the castle was never ceded to any of them.