The church of the Virgin (Panagia) in Patsos, Amari lies amongst the most important monuments of Rethymno. It has been attributed to the famous local noble family Callergis, and despite its ruinous condition, its large scale, as well as the rich sculptural and mural decoration, still impress the viewer. Its architectural type, a cross-in-square domed church, differentiates it from the great majority of the single - naved churches built in the Cretan countryside during the Venetian Rule. The frescoes, executed by a very skilled artistic atelier, reflect the current trends of the palaiologean painting, and date from the first quarter of the 14th century. Extended restoration works were carried out by the Archaeological Service in the 1970s, when the greatest part of the surviving frescoes were detached, and exhibited in St. Catherine's Collection in Herakleion. Between the years 2012-2014, within the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 (project «EUMATHIOS PHILOKALES : Promotion of selected Middle Byzantine monuments of Crete and Cyprus with innovative methods»), works were carried out again in the church, comprising among others, the consolidation and repair of the standing masonry, the excavation in the interior and the surrounding area, as well as the conservation of its frescoes, both in situ and detached.
Valia Aggelaki, Archaeologist
Nikoletta Pyrrou, Archaeologist