The monument lies in the deserted settlement Perdiki Metochi, to the north of the village of Chromonastiri, 10 km far from Rethymno. The church was built on the site of an earlier building of uncertain use, dated to the late 6th - early 7th century, on the basis of pottery finds. Typologically, the church belongs to a rare variation of the compressed eight - style cross ? in- square church with dome. The building, in its current form, was probably constructed in the 11th century. To the same period is dated the remaining mural decoration in the apse, which is typical of the current provincial byzantine painting. During the ottoman occupation, in the 18th century, the church was converted to a residence.

Between the years 2011-2013, within the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 (project «EUMATHIOS PHILOKALES : Promotion of selected Middle Byzantine monuments of Crete and Cyprus with innovative methods»), was completed the restoration of the church, the excavation works in the interior and the surrounding area, as well as the conservation of its frescoes.
Kostas Giapitsoglou, Archaeologist
Nikoletta Pyrrou, Archaeologist