The Monastery of Taxiarches in Aigialeia is situated 15 kilometers south of Aigion, at the foot of Mount Klokos. Higher, in a distance of one kilometer, is placed the Old Monastery of Taxiarches, the so-called Palaiomonastero, which was founded by Hosios Leontios of Monemvasia at the end of the 14th century.The despots of Mystra, Thomas and Dimitrios Palaiologos, supported financially the monastery by building many of its edifices. The monastery is entered through a gate tower with murder holes. At the level of an extended terrace, where the main buildings are concentrated, there is the Katholikon (main church). To the south, adjoining the Katholikon, the South chapel is placed. North of the Katholikon, at a lower than it level, there is a small church, the North chapel. A large stone staircase, ending in a wooden upper section and constructed in 1810, leads to the upper terrace of the Monastery, where the hermitage of Hosios Leontios, the single-aisled vaulted church of the Resurrection and the tomb of Hosios Leontios are placed in stepped arrangement. The four churches of the monastic complex were covered with high quality wall paintings dated to the Late Byzantine period.