Boila is situated within the National Park of "Vikos-Aoos" and lies right at the mouth of the Voidomatis lower gorge. The site is a narrow rockshelter covering an area of 80 m2 and has a N-NW orientarion. Its present elevation above the river channel is 11 m.

Boila has preserved a stratigraphic sequence belonging to the Late Upper Palaerolithic period (16kyr-10kyr). The radiometric dates by C14 are so far as follows: 13.810+130 BP, 12.480+120BP, 10.560+110 BP. The archaeological remains suggest that the site was being used after the Last Glacial Maximum by specialized mobile hunter-gatherers on a seasonal basis. The site holds a special strategic role for the exploitation of both ahigh altitude ecological niche (Tymphi mountain range) and the topographically milder landscape of the Konitsa plain.