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The katholikon and the north wing of the monastery
The monastery of Evagelistria was built between the two peaks of mountain Bounasia which belongs to Kamvounia mountain-range. It looks like a fortress but it's abandoned. The existence of the monastery is confirmed by a manuscript of the monastery of Olympiotissa since 1601.

The Katholicon was built in 1816 and belongs to the athonite type of triconch cross-in-square with a dome. The cells, the refectory and other buildings were built in 1763 according to an inscription .Nowadays, the cells of the north side are restored, while the other buildings are seriously damaged.

In the exterior of the church, there are ornaments in relief. In the interior, only few wall paintings are preserved in the dome dated in 1850 and depicted by the painter Ioannis from St.Georgios of Grevena ,while there is a gilded temple of wood.
Agathoniki Tsilipakou, archaeologist