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View from northwest
The church of St. Paraskevi in Palaiochori is a three-aisled timber-roofed basilica which was built in 1873 according to an inscription in relief outside the sanctuary. A narthex and an ambulatory were added later, while the bell-tower in the northeast side of the church was built in 1897.

The masonry of the church is carefully built of rough and semi-rectangular stones. It ends in a semi-circular apse built with rectangular stones. In the interior, a decorated ceiling in relief and a temple in relief with floral decoration made in 1875 are preserved. The mural frescoes which occupy the walls are painted by the painter Vasilios in 1874 according to the donor's inscription.

The church was damaged from the earthquake of 1995. During the years 1997-2001, a restoration of the masonry and reinforcement of the wall paintings were carried out.
Agathoniki Tsilipakou, archaeologist