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The middle byzantine church, which is dedicated to St.Anargyroi, is built out of the northwest part of the outer wall of the castle of Servia, near the north gate.It's an aisleless timber-roofed basilica which ends in a rectangular apse with ceramic decoration. In the interior, the painted decoration is dated in 1510 according to the donor's inscription. It is arranged in three zones. The apse of the sanctuary displays the Virgin between two archangels, the scene of Annunciation, the co-officiating hierarchs, the scene of the Ascension.

In a small part of the apse, the previous layer is preserved with the depiction of hierarchs which is dated in the 11th -12th century. In the nave, the scene of Deisis is depicted in the north wall, while scenes of the Dodecaorton and a row of saints are arranged in two zones.

The wall paintings can be attributed to two painters. The main painter is familiar to the art of the so called ''workshop of Kastoria'' (1483-1510). The second one has an anticlassic an conservative tendancy, which prevails in central-west Macedonia. During the years 1996-2000, the masonry of the church was restored and the mural paintings were conserved.
Agathoniki Tsilipakou, archaeologist