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The church of St. Theodores in Servia was a Katholicon of a monastery which belonged in St.Theodores Monastery of Kastania. Nowadays, from the buildings of the monastery, only parts of the wall and the rectangular water tank are preserved. The tank was covered with a vault. The church was built in the second part of the 11th century. In the interior and outside of the west wall, the wall paintings are dated in 1497.

The church is an aisleless-timber roofed basilica, which ends in a semicircular apse with ceramic decoration. The painted decoration, which is common in Macedonia during the late and post byzantine period, is arranged in three zones.Scenes of the Dodecaorton and the Pssion of Christ occupy the upper zone. The middle zone has Saints and prophets on medals, while the lower zone has a row of saints standing life-size. The scene of Deisis is depicted in the north wall. The decoration, which is drawed by two painters, is familiar to the art of central and western Macedonian workshops. It has an anticlassic and conservative tendancy, while elements of the so called ''workshop of Kastoria'' are repeated in some decoration.
Agathoniki Tsilipakou, archaeologist