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Plan of the Roman Hostels
The Roman hostels are located outside the sacred enclosure of the Altis, west of the workshop of Pheidias and very near the Roman baths of Kladeos, the construction of which is probably related to that of the hostels. The complex was built in approximately 170 BC to meet the demands of the swelling numbers of visitors to Olympia during the games. It was part of a large building program which included the remodeling of several buildings inside the Altis and the construction of others of more Roman character - grand, with many rooms and opulent decoration.

The Roman hostels, built over secondary buildings of the late Classical period, such as a pottery kiln and a mill, comprise two large structures. The earliest (House I) had an entrance on its south side leading to a central peristyle court, while the later one (House II), built directly to its east, had a central peristyle court with many rooms on each side. Several rooms in both buildings had fine mosaic floors, only fragments of which have survived and have been restored.
Olympia Vikatou, archaeologist