The building is a perfectly symmetric and rectangular edifice with dimensions of 34 x 45 meters. Its facade is decorated by an entrance of four Corinthian style columns and a pediment. Above the chamber there is a rectangular elevated frame which also ends to a pedimental crowning. The hall is horseshoe shaped of an Italian style, with a parterre, galleries and circles on four levels and with a total capacity of 1.300 seats. The stage's dimensions are 20 x 14 meters, with the provision of a pre-stage booth and an orchestra balcony. The stage tower is 18 meters high and the off-the-scene stage is 9 meters wide. The theater's foyer is two stories high and embraces semi-circular hall.

The architectural study was conducted by the architect Ioannis Lazarimos in 1881-1883, the construction started in 1884 and finished in 1885. Many eminent Greek and foreign theater companies presented their lyric and dramatic repertoires in the theater which also hosted a great number of dance groups, music and chorus ensembles, etc. Originally, the foyer was used as a dance hall for charity organizations and later it was developed to a hall for exhibitions and lectures.
Lazarimos Iwannis