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Entrance view of the Kallithea Spas
This very interesting complex of buildings comprises three parts: the main entrance with the circular square and the fountain, the semi-circular atrium for the distribution of water, the complex of the sanitary establishment.

All these parts are connected and surrounded by gardens, paved paths, resting places etc., comprising a wonderful complex, in complete harmony with its physical setting.

It is the work of the italian architect Pietro Lombardi and it was constructed in 1929, under the commands of the italian administrator, Mario Lago. It was inaugurated on July 1st, 1929, after the road leading to Kallithea was completed (1928). In 1930 the upper atrium was added and the open areas reached their final form. The archicectural features of the building are a fine combination of all the different stages that rhodian architecture went through (doric, roman, byzantine, arabian, island tradition, architecture of the period of the knights).

Today the complex is not in use.
Lombardi Pietro