"Mitarakiko" is located in Kambos of the island of Chios and is one of its most significant estates. Iniside it stand the impressive main building, the auxiliary building "anestatiko", a second ground-floor building (atelier) and the old mansion with the pebble-paved yard surrounded by a reservoir, sitting benches and a well.

"Mitarakiko" was the home of the famous Greek painter G. Mitarakis, who mainly used the ground-floor building (atelier) for his residence. The main building and the atelier were built after the 1881 earthquake, after the turn of the century.

By a ministerial decree of 1992, the buildings, the reservoir, the well, the fountain the pebble-paved yard and the wall surrounding the estate together with N. Platis' orchard inside the protection zone, were all identified as historical and preserved monuments.
Mythological / Historic Persons