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Monastery of Koimisi Theotokou in Damandri
The monastery of Damandri is situated in the area of Polichnitos and was founded in post-Byzantine years, at an era during which numerous churches and monasteries were founded on the island. The monastery's katholikon (main church) is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin and belongs to the type of a single-aisled basilica. The name "Damandri" is taken from a small Byzantine village, the ruins of which are very close to the monastery; the village in question is mentioned in a Metropolis Codex from 1567 to 1652.

The church's wall paintings, which date in the 18th century (1733), were made by the painter Chomatzas. The wood carved templon dates in the late years of the Turkish occupation, whereas the icons of Christ and the Virgin Hodegetria in the 16th and 17th century.
Athena - Christina Loupou, Archaeologist