This edifice is built on the south side of the hill, to the east of the Theatre. It consists of a large hall 1,260 m2 in area with a Doric colonnade (stoa) in front. Some remains of rough stone benches show that the members of the Bouleuterion (Council Champer) sat on the upper part o the slope.

The identification of this building as the Bouleuterion is confirmed by the stone altar, near the south wall, dedicated to Zeus Naios and Bouleus (Counsellor) and to Dione by Charops, the son of Machatas, a Thesprotian, one of the leading Epirotes and a "good and noble man", who assisted Flamininus in Epirus during the campaigns in 198 B.C. agains the Macedonians.

The survivng outside walls formed the stone base of the building, but the upper part was built of baked and unbaked bricks bonded woth mud. The great saddle roof was supported on eight breccia Ionic columns in three rows and the walls were reinforced by 14 buttresses to counter the thrust of the heavy roof. On both sides small flights of steps led to the theatre area where the members of the Council sat. Lower down on the south side, west of the altar, were the wooden chairs for the speakers and the stone ballot stand with the wooden boxes for the voting.
Mythological / Historic Persons
Dakaris Sotitris