Medieval Town of Rhodes
The medieval town of Rhodes developed on part of the Hellenistic city in the northern tip of the island. Written sources mention -and archaeology has confirmed- the presence of a fortress protecting the population from enemy raids in the 7th century AD. The Early Byzantine town enclosed only a fraction of the later settlement, which in Hospitaller times was known as the Collachio. In the late 11th or the 12th century the walls expanded to enclose a suburb.

After the establishment of the ...
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Holy Trinity (Ayia Triada), Medieval Town of Rhodes
Agios Athanasios, Medieval Townof Rhodes
St. Catherine (Ayia Aikaterini), Medieval town of Rhodes
Our Lady of the Castle (Panayia tou Kastrou), Medieval Town of Rhodes
Hostel of St. Catherine (Hagia Aikaterini), Medieval Town of Rhodes
St. Paraskevi (Ayia Paraskevi), Medieval Town of Rhodes
Holy Trinity (Hagia Triada) on Ippoton St., Medieval Town of Rhodes
Medieval fortifications of the town of Rhodes