Administrative Information

Koumbelidiki Square, Kastoria (Prefecture of Kastoria)

Telephone: +30 2467088200
Fax: +30 2467029748

Reduced admission for:
Escorting parents on educational visits of primary schools.
Escorting teachers during educational visits of schools and institutions of primary, secondary and tertiary education and of military schools.
Free admission for:
Greek citizens and citizens of other Member - States of the European Union who are over 65 years old, upon presentation of their ID card or passport for verification of their age and country of origin.
Students of University - Higher Education Institutes, Technological Educational Institutes or equivalent Schools of countries from outside the European Union, upon presentation of their student ID cards
Young people, up to the age of 18, upon presentation of their Identity Card or passport for age confirmation.

Daily: from 8:30 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. Monday: closed

For the visitable Byzantine churches contact the museum guards.

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