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A second shipwreck has been located north of the island Sapienza relatively close to the shipwreck of columns. The shipwreck is lying at a depth of 15 m.

Its cargo contains a number of stone sarcophagi including their covers. The sarcophagi are intact except for one, which probably ruined when the ship sunk. The sarcophagi measures 2.20 x 0.80 m.

The sarcophagi bear reliefs; their decoration is simple containing floral motifs, boukranion etc. The covers are curved with simple, shaped decoration at the edges. The shipwreck is dated to the 3rd century AD.

At the end of 1970, EUA conducted a systematic archaeological research. A collaborative assignment between EUA and University of Bologna and Prof. A. Nanneti took place by initiating an educational program focusing on the study of shipwreck of Sarcophagi and of shipwreck of columns.

Similar shipwrecks of sarcophagi have been located close to island Syros and in the marine area between island Andros and island Tinos.

Dr. Aggeliki G. Simossi, Head of the EUA

Stella Argiri, Archaeologist of the EUA

Ekaterini Tagonidou, underwater Architect of the EUA