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The marine tradition of Samos is known since 8th cent. B.C., when the Corinthian Ameinokles around 700 B.C. constructed the first Samian ships.

Samos reached her affluence under Polykrates tyranny at the second half of 6th cent. B.C. (535-522 π.Χ.). It's then that Samos became a great naval power, the oldest city walls, the great jetty («χώμα») in the harbor, the tunnel of Eupalinos and the second great temple of Hera were constructed at that time.

For this reason, many historians dedicate part of their work to the period of this tyranny, describing the wealth and prosperity of the island, while Herodot states his admiration for the three gradiose achievements of the tyrant, the Heraion, the tunnel of Eupalinos and the «χώμα» at the ancient harbour.