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Aerial photography of the Akanthos' area
Due to an operational program of Macedonia and Thrace (2007-2013) with the co-financing of Greece and European Union the project “Protection and exhibition shell for a part of ancient Acanthus cemetery in Chalkidiki”, was planned and took place in Ierissos. The project aimed to expose and present to the public a part of the cemetery of ancient Akanthos, which remains as excavated in place (in situ) and is protected by a functional shell, emphasizing, in a discreet manner, on the public cultural character responding to the needs of modern aesthetics. The shell was constructed before uncovering the antiquities to keep the image of the excavation as authentic as possible and avoid any damages to the findings due to construction work. Designing the shell serves objectives as the safety and protection of the findings against weather, the natural lighting and ventilation of the site and to ensure the unimpeded viewing for the visitors.