Till today, come to light important finds as the Dimitra's temple. In 490 B.C. the Persians, attack to Naxos and the town is destroyed. After that passes to the Athenian domination and next to the Spartan. It becomes a vexed point between Athenians and Spartans. Later, it passes to the Rhodian domination. After the 41 B.C. came to the Romans who used it as exile.

At the Byzantine era was built many monasteries, country churches, iconoclastical temples on hills, in the centres of ancient temples e.t.c. Naxos looked like a small Mystras. In 1083 became the seat of metropolite. In 1024 was established the duchy of the Aegean having as a seat Naxos.

This duchy was held until 1564 when Turks dominated Naxos. Yet, the Naxos' people lived more with the fear of european christian corsairs than Turks. Turks was particularly interested in taxes. In the Revolution of 1821 there weren't many Turks, So, the island wasn't affected. There are only a few words that characterize place-names as: The fountain of Aga… During the Turkish domination, the people of Naxos built monasteries and schools where the brother of Kosmas Aitolos taught.