Part of the Ancient theatre, remains of the portico of the ancient Agora and two early Christian Basilicas were revealed at excavations conducted by French Archaeologists, in the site of Episkopi at Tegea during the last century. The rest of the monuments were uncovered during recent excavations by Dr. Th. Spyropoulos.

The two early Christian Basilicas revealed by the French Prof. Berard, were destroyed except for a part of the so called Basilica of Thyrsos, which Anastasios Orlandos published in 1953 in the "Bulletin of Byzantine and Christian Monuments of Greece", which preserved mosaic floor with representation of the rivers of Edem and the months of the year. The new excavations, which were sponsored by the foundation "Viohalko-N. Stasinopoulos" were conducted during the years 1982-1995.

The most important monuments of the site are:

The ancient theatre of Hellenistic date.

Parts of the Ancient Agora of Tegea, dated to Hellenistic and Roman period.

Early Christian Basilica (5th-6th century A.D.).

Parts of Byzantine settlement (10th-13th century A.D.).