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Ancient Olynthos, the most important political centre of Chalkidiki in the Classical period, occupies two hills: on the South Hill lies the city founded by the Bottiaeans in the 7th century B.C., which was destroyed by the Persians in 479 B.C. On the North Hill lies the Classical city, built in the Hippodameian system, with vertically crossing wide and narrow streets, forming regular architectural blocks (87 x 35 m.). Remarkable is the type of the Olynthian house with the "pastas" on the north side of the interior courtyard, surrounded by rooms and auxiliary spaces. Very impressive are the mosaics found in the men's quarters, which are among the earliest known specimens of the Classsical period.

The first excavations of the site were conducted in 1928-1938 by the American School of Classical Studies under the direction of Prof. D.M. Robinson. In 1992 the 16th E.P.C.A. undertook the task of the restoration and landscaping of the settlement on the North Hill.
Elisavet Tsigarida, IST' E.P.K.A.