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Diagramm of the necropolis at Armenoi
The most important of the tombs of the cemetery are the following:

Tomb 200. It is the only tholos tomb at the cemetery of Armenoi. The dromos, stepped at the beginning, is 4.55 m. long and 1.32 m. wide and the entrance was blocked by a stone slab. A niche has been carved in the side wall. Inside the circular burial chamber, bronze weapons, pottery, beads and an amulet with a Linear A inscription were found. The tomb is dated to the beginning of the 14th century B.C.

Tomb 159. It is the most impressive chamber tomb of the cemetery. The dromos is 15.50 m. long and its outer section is occupied by 25 steps, starting at ground level. A stone bench runs along the four sides of the rectangular chamber and a pillar stands opposite the entrance. Inside the burial chamber an impressive find was uncovered, the remains of a wooden "coffin". The tomb is dated to 1420/1400-1200 B.C.