The first excavations at the area began under the direction of Dr. Th. Spyropoulos during the last decade. At Sakovouni a very important Neolithic settlement was revealed. Its habitation lasted until the late Mycenaean period. In the Neolithic cave were found bones and vases, also datable to the above periods. A building of middle Hellenistic date that brought into light pottery and coins, was excavated on the site of "Agia Sotira". The site was identified by the excavator as the ancient settlement Torthynion.

The Neolithic cave was discovered accidentally during the construction of an aqueduct. The Neolithic settlement at Sakovouni was mentioned by Ernst Meyer in his book: "Peloponnesische Wanderungen".

The most important monuments of the site are:

Cave with Neolithic habitation on the site of "Panagia".

Neolithic-Mycenaean settlement on the hill Sakovouni.

Prehistoric remains on the sites "Agiannis" and "Kastro".

Middle Age remains on the site "Avysaina".

Middle Age fortress-castle on the site "Kastro" (Castle).

Settlement of Hellenistic date on the site "Agia Sotira" , probably the ancient settlement Torthynion.